Monday, November 9, 2009

Hi guys, Angel of Windword has had a great week! First it won the Classic Romance Cover Contest, second it is doing very well at Fictionwise. Reached #1 on bestseller's list for Historical Fiction/Romance, and third it received two wonderful reviews, which I would love to share with you.

ANGEL OF WINDWORD (Eternal Press, ISBN: 978-1-926704- ..73-9).

Willful, independent Angelique is forced into an arranged marriage and leaves home to travel to Windword Hall to be with her fiance, Nicholas Kent. Little does she know she's walking straight into a mystery that happened with a murder four years prior but has now resurfaced to haunt the inhabitants of Windword Hall. Falling in love with Nicholas wasn't in her plans, and neither was having danger and death surround her, but Angelique nevertheless faces it all with bravery. Filled with suspense, authentic atmosphere for the time period, and sensual love, this is a book Historical reader fans will no doubt love.

Reviewed by KARI THOMAS AUTHOR OF Wildest hearts reign among the Heroes and Heroines of these books! When THE PREY FOR THE WOLF falls into TEMPTATION UNLEASHED and tempts the HUNTED MATE into SEDUCING THE HERO all for HER HEART HIS SOUL, they all fall UNDER A SHIFTERS MOON!

* * *

A WONDERFUL NEW AUTHOR IN THE MAKING, October 22, 2009 By Tabitha Shay "book haven" (Poteau, Ok USA) In Angel of Windword, Angelique Beauvisage is slow to realize she's surronded by evil forces and is embroiled in a murder that pulls her into a mystery she'd rather not be involved in.If you love historicals, then this sensuous, suspenseful romance is the perfect book for you. It has it all: Good romance, intrigue, mystery, a heroine to cheer for and a hero to die for. There are enough suspenseful moments to keep the reader flipping the pages to see what happens next and thank heavens, there's more to come. I'm looking forward to the next book in this historical trilogy by new author, Maggie Dove, and I predict we'll see a lot more wonderful books from Miss Dove in the future.