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Reviews For Angel of Windword!

Maggie Dove writes a wonderful debut novel in a style similar to that of famed romance writer Judith McNaught with intelligent writing and well developed characters, no pun intended. She deftly builds on the much used “girl forced into marriage with a man she does not know while she has a true love from childhood that she must leave behind” and weaves a tale that is gripping and fresh. That the hero and heroine do fall in love is no surprise and exactly what every romance reader wants. That she builds the murder mystery to a very suspenseful end that keeps the reader guessing throughout the tale is rewarding to the reader and a testament to Dove’s writing skill. She even pokes fun at the frivolity of romance novels with excerpts from a book author supposed to be the rage in London and beyond at the time. Look for Maggie Dove’s name on the bestsellers list in the future. These 242 pages could have been 500 and the reader would be left wanting more…
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5 Bookmarks Review from Mind Fog Reviews!
“Angel of Windword” by Maggie Dove keeps you enthralled every minute with the twists and turns provided by her writings. Set in the late 1800s and early 1900s Angelique discovers her true love after many trials and tribulations some of which you would never expect to happen. Ms. Dove’s descriptions and conversations are not boorish to say the least. The conversations and descriptions match the era depicted. I would love to see any other writings that Ms. Dove has to offer readers.“Angel of Windword” reads like a “feature presentation” on a movie channel such a Lifetime. I recommend this 5 bookmark rated novel for any reader of romance. 5 Bookmarks.

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4 Star Review from The Pen & Muse! A beautiful suspenseful story from start to finish. Maggie Dove surely know hows to write tantalizing characters!Nicholas is just simply delicious! A tale of love, mystery, and suspense, not to miss!* * *
You Gotta Read (Highest Rating) from You Gotta Read Reviews!
When Angelique's ruthless stepmother agrees to wed her to Viscount Nicholas Kent, Angelique is horrified. In love with another man, Henri Bertrand, she is determined to elope with her beloved and leave Nicholas at the aisle. Nicholas and Angelique can't deny the growing attraction between them. Her father's death, her mother's morals and children of unknown origin color her emotions. In the end, what the Angel of Windword doesn't know may cost her life. Full of suspense, steamy scenes and intrigue this book will leave you stunned. Nicholas is the perfect dashing debonair gentleman of regency stature, while Angelique is his perfect match. Maggie Dove is an excellent spinner of the literary web and I enjoyed this book immensely. Definitely one you've gotta read.
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Tabitha Shay "book haven" (Poteau, Ok USA) In Angel of Windword, Angelique Beauvisage is slow to realize she's surronded by evil forces and is embroiled in a murder that pulls her into a mystery she'd rather not be involved in.If you love historicals, then this sensuous, suspenseful romance is the perfect book for you. It has it all: Good romance, intrigue, mystery, a heroine to cheer for and a hero to die for. There are enough suspenseful moments to keep the reader flipping the pages to see what happens next and thank heavens, there's more to come. I'm looking forward to the next book in this historical trilogy by new author, Maggie Dove, and I predict we'll see a lot more wonderful books from Miss Dove in the future.
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New author Maggie Dove brings readers something long missing from the Romance genres of today: A historical with the touch of GOTHIC. ANGEL OF WINDWORD (Eternal Press, ISBN: 978-1-926704-..73-9). Willful, independent Angelique is forced into an arranged marriage and leaves home to travel to Windword Hall to be with her fiance, Nicholas Kent. Little does she know she's walking straight into a mystery that happened with a murder four years prior but has now resurfaced to haunt the inhabitants of Windword Hall. Falling in love with Nicholas wasn't in her plans, and neither was having danger and death surround her, but Angelique nevertheless faces it all with bravery. Filled with suspense, authentic atmosphere for the time period, and sensual love, this is a book Historical reader fans will no doubt love.
Reviewed by KARI THOMAS AUTHOR OF Wildest hearts!

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