Thursday, February 4, 2010

Angel of Windword by Maggie Dove

Suspenseful and romantic, Angel of Windword has received wonderful reviews since its release date of October 7th, 2009, and it reached #1 for Fictionwise, Ebookwise and E-reader in the Historical Fiction category.


Angelique purposely took her time coming back from the Bertrand estate. She rode long and hard, making several stops along the way to postpone the upcoming charade. Hours after her morning meeting with Henri, she finally arrived at the chateau and went straight to the stables. Out of breath from the exhilarating ride, she pushed back a few disheveled curls from her face, and handed Champagne to the stable lad. "Marcus, I'm afraid I've exhausted Champagne. Please see to her."

"Oui, mademoiselle. The horse looks tired, but it will survive. However, I'm not so certain about you." The groom warned her, "Madame has been out here twice looking for you. Her face was red with fury, her nostrils were flaring! I defended you, mademoiselle. Really, I did," he emphasized, as he nervously looked over his shoulder for any sign of Victoria, his actions making the gallant words he had just spoken and his attempt at bravado seem meaningless.

Smiling at the cowardly groom, Angelique quickly turned to leave and did not see the stranger as he entered the stables. She ran straight into his arms and would have fallen if the man had not caught her in his strong embrace.A clean manly scent invaded her senses as she looked up to face him and stared into the deepest shade of blue eyes she had ever seen.

"Excusez-moi. I did not see where...," she half-uttered, catching her breath. She was unable to finish the sentence. She tried again, but the words would not come. Stupefied, she stood, completely taken aback with the man smiling down at her.Mon Dieu, it could not be. But it was. Who else could it be but Kent? There had been no time for introductions, but somehow she knew this stranger was her husband-to-be. She knew it just as she knew she was standing there, gawking like a complete fool.

Angelique knew she should disengage herself from his firm grasp, but her body would not budge. Tante Mattie had not exaggerated. The man looked so ruggedly strong and powerful in his brown riding breeches that her mouth became dry at the mere sight of him. Hard as stone, the man towered above her. Without thinking, she stared at his half-opened shirt. She could hear the strong, steady beating of his heart beneath his muscled chest as his sinewy arms held her close. She could feel his firm, hard thighs pressed against her.Her gaze traveled to his full sensuous lips. Swallowing hard, she licked her lips, puzzled at the sudden, knowing smile he gave her and the tightening of his embrace. But before she had a chance to combat his brazenness, he gathered her even closer into his arms."Unhand me at once, monsieur!" Angelique demanded, jolting back with incredulous indignation. "How dare you take such liberties?" she hissed, raising her hand to slap his face.

Kent did not flinch as he caught her hand in the air. "What a fiery little wench you are. I like that.""I don't care what you like, monsieur. How dare you?" she repeated, stunned."Dare what?" His brows lifted mockingly. "What's the matter, mademoiselle? You act as though, I tore your clothes off, threw you down on the hay, and bedded you as if you were a common strumpet. Weren't you falling?" he asked evenly. "I was just holding you up."


  1. Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my best of Italy blog. May I recommend you go back to it and answer the questions and then you can be entered to win an autographed copy? I would love to see you win that book! Here's the link:

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  3. I loved this novel. Maggie has a wonderful way with words that will pull you in and keep you securely intrigued for the entire novel.

    Her herione is a beautiful, spirited "angel" and her hero is descirbed as my favorite flavor in men. Dark hair, blue eyes. Yumm.

    The taut romantic suspense leaves me grappling for a favorite part but, the first love scene aboard Nicholas's ship and Angelique's visit to a fashonable dance in London are both high on my "Favorite Scenes" list.

    Thanks for writing such a spell-binding novel, Maggie!

  4. Thank you so much Mirella and C.J.!